$397.00 USD

Teen Acne Academy

Introducing The Teen Acne Academy!   

This comprehensive self-study program empowers parents and teens with a holistic solution for clear skin. 

With easy-to-follow guidance and support from acne expert, Kristin Cunningham (The Acne NP), youll be able to give your teen the tools they need to achieve clear, healthy skin.  

The Teen Acne Academy is designed to help your teen:  

Reduce inflammation and redness 
Balance hormones 
Improve digestion 
Manage stress 
Increase energy 
Ensure proper nutrition  
Optimize skin health  

Dont let acne stop your teen from living their best life.

the Teen Acne Academy, you can help your teen achieve clear, healthy skin and restore their confidence.   

Enroll in the course today and start your teens journey to clear, healthy skin. 

If you aren't completely satisfied with the education, I honor a 30-Day money back guarantee.



What People Are Saying:

Kristin’s program changed my life. Literally. My face is night and day different, and continually improving. In addition, my hormones have improved dramatically too! My whole body just feels better…it’s hard to put into words just how much better I feel overall. I am so thankful for this program!

Angel, TX, USA

Hi Kristin! I am so happy to reach out to say thank you for being with me in my cystic acne healing journey. I had tried so many things, but reaching out to you helped so much. I wish I found you sooner! Through you, I have learned a lot about my skin and body; I hope more people can too. I can't wait to see where the rest of this healing journey takes me!

Hannah, CA, USA

Hi Kristin, It’s been about 3 weeks since I started the recommendations in the Clear Skin Guide and I wanted to let you know how happy I am that I took the leap of faith to start this health journey. I am starting to feel better (less fatigue, more bowel movements, less anxious symptoms) and finally seeing changes in my skin (YAY)!!!

Darrian, Durham, NC