Is Acne Really a Skin Condition?

If you think that acne is simply a skin condition caused by genetics, bacterial overgrowth, or inadequate skin care - you might be surprised to find out that acne is actually caused from *internal* imbalances.

If you've been trying to heal your acne for a while, you might have already come to that conclusion! When I started experiencing acne in my 30's I spent hundreds of dollars on skincare just to have my acne keep coming back. That's when I dove into the research and committed to fully understand the root causes of acne and how to reverse them.  

1. Food-Skin Connection

The first internal factor that may lead to acne are inflammatory foods. Foods that are common in our modern lifestyle such as breads, added sugars, caffeine, alcohol, and industrialized seed oils are inflammatory when consumed in excess. 

Unfortunately most of our modern food culture is built around these foods and it's depleting our nutrient stores as well as contributing to systematic inflammation.

Acne patients have higher inflammatory markers in the skin than non-acne patients. By following a clear skin diet we can begin the healing process. You can get started by downloading my Clear Skin Recipe book here. (link)

2. Gut-Skin Connection

The gut-skin connection is a surprising phenomenon. We aren't conditioned to think of these organ systems as having a connection, however there are very important links. The gut-skin axis has been studied in detail and researchers are understanding more and more about the connections. 

But in many ways they are similar. In fact, I like to think of the gut as our internal skin. The gut has the special job of both providing a barrier to pathogens, toxins, and undigested food particles, but also must be permeable to allow for absorption of nutrients and vitamins. 

A condition called "leaky gut" can occur when the gut lining becomes compromised and allows for pathogens and toxins to cross the gut barrier and enter the bloodstream. This is another cause of inflammation in the body when the bloodstream becomes flooded with toxins which activates the immune system.

In addition, the large intestines house billions of bacteria which contribute to our skin homeostasis and maintain skin pH. When the gut bacteria becomes imbalanced - it can lead to a rise in skin pH allowing other opportunistic bacteria to overgrow and lead to further inflammation and acne.

Research shows that particular strains of probiotic can help maintain skin pH when taken topically and internally. 

Improving gut health is a key principal of holistic acne treatment.

3. Liver-Skin Connection

The liver is very important for detoxification and hormone balance. However our liver's workload has never been higher! The number of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis is staggering!

If the liver is overwhelmed dealing with toxins, then the body may try to "push them out" a secondary exit such as the skin pores. To put it in simple terms - when natural detoxification pathways are blocked or congested, the skin may take over the load. This can lead to pimples on the surface area of the skin where natural elimination takes place.

Supporting the liver is important to allow for these toxins to exit through the intended route (liver>bile>stool) instead of through the skin. Although we don't give conscious thought to the daily work of toxin elimination, our liver has a very important job to do. This natural elimination route appears quite simple at first glance, there's actually a lot more going on underneath the surface.

4. Mind-Skin Connection

Stress has multiple ways that  can influence skin health. When we are stressed our cortisol levels rise which increases insulin resistance. High levels of insulin can stimulate oil glands to produce more oily skin. In addition, when we are stressed our immune system in suppressed and this can lead to opportunistic bacteria moving in.

Living in a state of constant stress also reduces the amount of progesterone that we can produce. Progesterone is an important hormone that balances estrogen in females and helps us feel calm. Without progesterone we are more prone to anxiety...which again leads to more stress!

The Be+RESTORED Clear Skin Method incorporates techniques to help manage stress and learn how to heal emotional trauma that may be a road block to healing. 

5. Hormone-Skin Connection

Hormones can become imbalanced due to a number of factors such as high blood sugar, inflammation, environmental toxins (like plastics), and stress. If you suspect your acne is hormonal, we need to figure out the root causes and can apply certain supplements to help balance them. My course outlines the first steps. With my 1:1 clients we run the DUTCH test which is the gold standard for hormone testing. Post-pill acne is also a condition that will help you work through to rebalance your hormones after coming off the birth control pill. 

6. Other Internal Factors which affect the skin

As if that wasn't enough - there are a few more root-causes of acne to consider. Sometimes dormant viruses, parasites, or bacterial overgrowths like SIBO can create enough problems that we need to address them specifically. In these cases I recommend working with a 1:1 practitioner to help diagnose and treat these conditions. 

Mold and heavy metal contamination is also a possibility. Including a super-greens powder can be a helpful first step in supporting the detox pathways for heavy metals.


As we have seen, there isn't a simple one-size fits all solution for acne. Acne is a generalized symptom of internal imbalances that can have multiple root causes. This means that we need to be our own detectives when we start our skin healing journey. Paying attention to your past medical history, current symptoms, co-occurring symptoms, acne triggers, and alleviating factors are important for identifying your first stems.  

The good news is that you can be empowered to take your health in your own hands! When your internal organ systems are balanced, then our skin reflects this health and you will enjoy optimized wellbeing.

Clearly, acne is an INTERNAL problem - NOT a skin condition. 

I hope my message for you today inspires you to take action and clear your skin for good. 

If you're dreaming about clear skin, not wearing pounds of makeup, having a simple skincare routine and/or simply getting your confidence back - I'd be thrilled to help you on your healing  journey. 

I've already helped HUNDREDS of women get clear skin. Will you be next?

P.S. If you have any questions - please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I'll personally get back to you!

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